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Max Social Golf Club is a golf club with a difference, established in 2002 with a membership base of 50 active members who span across the entire handicap spectrum, from 0 to 36. Over the years, the club has built a reputation for providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where golfers of all abilities can come together to enjoy the game and build lasting friendships.

As a social golf club, Max Social Golf Club offers a wide range of activities and events to its members, from regular golf outings and tournaments to social events and fundraisers. Whether members are looking to improve their game, meet new people, or simply have fun on the golf course, there is something for everyone at Max Social Golf Club.

Despite its growth and success over the years, Max Social Golf Club remains committed to its founding principles of community, inclusivity, and fun. Through its dedication to these values, the club has established itself as a leading social golf club in the local area, and a shining example of the power of golf to bring people together and build lasting connections.



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Max Social Golf Club is excited to offer

A New Membership Package

at an affordable rate of only $300 per year. Members will receive a free club uniform upon joining, which will include a high-quality polo shirt with our club logo embroidered on it. This uniform will help our members feel a sense of belonging and pride in their club, whether they are attending events or simply wearing it out and about.

In addition to the free club uniform and free annual dinner events, we are thrilled to announce that at each annual dinner event, every member will receive either cash rewards or gifts as a token of appreciation for their support and participation. These rewards and gifts are a small way for us to show our gratitude and to encourage continued involvement in our club. We believe that our new membership package will be an excellent value for anyone looking to join our club, and we look forward to welcoming new members into our community and celebrating our shared interests and accomplishments together.
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We're delighted to introduce our newly elected executive team for 2024. Andy Huang assumes the role of President, bringing with him extensive experience and leadership qualities. With his guidance, we're confident our club will flourish. Additionally, we warmly welcome Frank Yeh and Robert Fu as our Vice President/Treasurer, leveraging their financial and managerial expertise. OD joins us as Secretary, ensuring the seamless operation of our club.

Together, we're eager to uphold our club's mission, fostering shared interests and community building. With our new executive team at the helm, we're committed to delivering exceptional value and opportunities for our members. We extend our best wishes and eagerly anticipate collaborating towards our objectives.

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